Get Your Facebook Business Page Verified

 How to Get That Verified Checkmark

How great would it be if you could get YOUR business the long sought after verified checkmark by Facebook?

The badges will help people find the right and authentic accounts for local businesses.

Verified Pages will also show up higher in search results which is a HUGE advantage over your competitors.

Also when searching for a page in the Facebook search bar it will show the verified checkmark to the user so they know it is the correct business.

I was able to verify my company’s Facebook Page using the steps below.

Check it out here Iboom Media Verified Page

Believe it or not as I brought this to all of my clients that fit the requirements not a single one knew that they were able to get this done.

All of them knew about a verified page and the famed Facebook verified checkmark but were simply unaware how to go about getting one.

Follow these SIMPLE steps and say hello to your verified page!

Click Settings On Top of Your Page.

You will then see a tab named Page Verification then Page Not Verified.

Click Edit where it says Page Verification.

You will then see the following instructions.
At first it is best to try your business phone number.
The one you already have listed on your Facebook page and is listed publicly.

Simply enter your number in the box below and add any extensions if necessary as this requires a live person to answer the phone to receive a 4 digit code.

Once you have received the code enter it in the box below

Once entered you will see your page is under review.

If successful you will now see Page Is Verified for the tab Page Verification.

This new feature makes it easier for local business pages to gain trust with consumers and fans.

This helps with duplicates and multiple entries for the same business. Businesses can make it easier for people to make sure that they are finding and communicating with the right Page and know they are doing business with exactly who they want to.

Additionally if it was a choice between 2 businesses 1 with the verified badge and one without who do you think gets the business?
Local page owners could also verify with a business document, so long as the official document has the company’s name and physical address.

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