The Top 100 Digital Marketer Power Users

The Digital Marketing Show’s Power 100 Users

top 100 power list
top 100 power list

The Digital Marketing Show Power 100 ranks the top digital marketing professionals and thought-leaders in the digital space.

Each week The #DMS100 recognizes 100 of the most inspiring digital marketers so you can follow them, join the community and learn more about the vast world of digital marketing.
Currently the #1 spot worldwide is held by Justin Matthew or JMHHACKER
Due to his massive influence in the sector we expect him to remain atop the power rankings.

With powerhouses like #5. Lilach Bullock, a social media marketing consultant with a strong following and some nice comparison work that looks at Pinterest, Facebook, earned media and more. @Lilachbullock can also be found

#9 Andrew Grill in the mix let;s see what happens!

Andrew is an internationally renowned thought leader in the field of digital and social media networks. Currently, Andrew is Global Managing Partner, Social Consulting at IBM based in London.
In this newly created global role, Andrew and his team is responsible for developing and delivering a truly consultative approach across the whole of IBM, bringing together the best of IBM’s Smarter Workforce and Social offerings, with world-class consulting  services.
Today, Andrew is in Greater London.
Previously, Andrew was CEO of leading social influence platform Kred.
Not to mention #22

Kieran Flanagan


Marketing Director (EMEA) and general marketing nerd. I tweet on content marketing, inbound marketing, growth hacking 
We use Klout scores to rank influencers. Klout takes into account social media activity and engagement across many social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.
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The Digital Marketing Show will tackle the key issues that every business is facing:

As published by

Our world is changing rapidly and every marketer needs to keep up with this rate of change.
Accelerated growth in mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, means that digital opportunities will present themselves in every industry sector.

The Digital Marketing Show will offer deep insight and solutions that will enable show attendees to understand how the digital world can help deliver their marketing objectives.

Using case-studies from the world’s leading organisations to explain what has worked and what hasn’t the show will provide up-to-the minute advice on the ‘NOW’ and a glimpse into the future.
Focusing on; Affiliate Marketing, Internet Advertising, Web Analytics, Social Media, Search Marketing, Mobile, Email Marketing, E-commerce, Customer Experience & Content the Digital Marketing Show will be an educational experience for marketers at every level.
The Digital Marketing Show will be an event for marketing professionals not digital experts.

The IDM Continuing Professional

Development (CPD) Award scheme

The Digital Marketing Show 2015 seminars are recognized by
the IDM’s CPD Award scheme. The Awards scheme is an important
means of ongoing recognition and advancement for marketing
practitioners. Each 30 minute session will be worth 1 CPD point.
Search, Social and Mobile Theatre
Three elements of the digital landscape that continue to grow
in importance, this theater will offer real actionable advice and
insight into the growing role of search, social and mobile –
and how you can not only keep up, but stay ahead.
Digital Marketing Magazine Theater
The Digital Marketing Magazine Theater will feature key speakers
across all industries, covering all the important pillars of digital
If you’ve got a digital dilemma, this theater will help provide a
Automated Marketing Theater
The Automated Marketing Theatre will cover all the technology,
tactics and tips your business needs to utilise in order to nurture
prospects with useful and personalised content and convert
those prospects into customers, and those customers into adovacates

With current world #1 JMHHACKER holding a nice lead it should be a race to the finish!

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