How to Use Facebook Ads And Make A Killing!


If YOU ARE trying to make MONEY online then read this. TRUST ME. You see I feel compelled to show some of my results here at IBoom from time  to time. Iboom Media because I see so many people say Facebook ads suck, or they don’t work.
I see things like I spent 50 bucks and got nothing…

Keep in mind I have hundreds of examples like this maybe thousands. Here are a few of them

1,000 leads for a client at a cost of 20 to 40 cents each. Then another client at 7.50 each (let me say valued SO MUCH HIGHER)

Anyway the point is ya you have to pay to play and if you are serious you need 200 to 500 bucks just to get testing out of the way. When I say testing I mean multiple ad sets sometimes 20 with each having 6 images.

Each ad set has Variations of the headlines and bullet points, different photos, slight variations in audience like age, income, personal interests, behaviors like online buyers, job title, industry, male or female, Hispanic or African American trust me the list goes on longer then I can type. Continued at These must be factored in a few images below.

81 conversions here but what was each conversions worth?
Better be a lot for Iboom’s sake!
Oh here it is just a single image used for all 81 (keep in mind this is after I tested a few hundred images,headlines and audiences!
SO Sales of 7,400 and I spent $800 dollars.
Not bad I say! Iboom Media  just patted me on the back!
$12,000 in conversions off $1,200 spend. I don’t care who you are you are running that pony all day long and trust me I do!!!

These must be factored into each photo you are using and the headline to that specific audience.

Compile a data list of emails or phone numbers of people that previously used your service if you don’t have 1 do contests until you receive enough.

Upload this data into Facebook as a custom audience then create a lookalike audience based of that specific list. Its an audience much larger but based on the data you uploaded.

Use the lookalikes audiences mixed in with interests and the other options, find images that would touch that audience with a headline and let her rip. Also once 100 people convert off your ad, that is a sale, lead, registration etc you can make a lookalike audience of those people.

You see after testing a bit Iboom Media pay dirt 40 today!

I can go much deeper into website pixels etc but no need this is simply to show Facebook marketing is the most powerful of all options today. I have included a few photos of different clients they have nothing to do with each other so you have to learn each industry and research a lot of research.

200 more Leads

Its been a rare occasion when I have not been able to crack the code for a client I would say 90% of the time we make it work and BIG. I hope this encourages some of you to stick with it.

Well I would say this leaves no doubt 300 more conversions. This is all day everyday.

FORGET ABOUT STATS you here about, a friend that tried it and lost, bloggers that have “proof” its a fraud FORGET that I am showing you RIGHT NOW THEY DO WORK!!

HA sorry but enough is enough! If your interested in Iboom Media managing your Facebook campaigns
Visit us at Iboom Media

Just 202 conversions at 2.34 each lets just say they are valued   much higher…

If you really need help its ok this is more then a full time job and guess what it takes natural talent its just like football or basketball. Some simply have the gift to go to the NFL or NBA this is no different.
Feel free to contact us also here are a few achievements.

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