How To Get Your Tweets Indexed On Google

There has been a significant increase in indexation of tweets by Google, from about 0.6% in February to 3.4% in June. That’s a MASSIVE 466% increase. Not just any old tweet gets chosen they are very selective on what to index, and benefits towards those with more followers and also  “authority” (To get your “authority” score check out Followerwonk‘s Social Authority

I decided to show my personal account @jmhhacker as an example. I have a social authority of 70 ( Scores higher than 94% of all twitter accounts) A large part of the calculation are Retweets from the last few hundred most recent tweets which leads to more clicks.

Rather than just focusing on the stats of your own account Social Authority lets us gather other users’ influence which gives us insight into the perfect audience. Those who are influential users who also have a high engagement rate (people likely to engage with your tweet.

Using this method I am able to select thousands of users that fit my content filter again for the most active and highest social authority scores and engage them.

Once you build a target audience from this group now we have the people who are most likely engage with your tweet. The size of your network does not mean you have social authority. Most important  is a user’s retweet activity.

For example a user with 250,000 followers that tweets 20 times per day and averages 20 reweets per tweet would not be as influential as an account with 60,000 followers who tweets 25 times a day and averages 30 retweets per tweet.

Social Authority Scale

So most users would probably try to engage with the account that has 250k when in reality the account with 60k is the more powerful user

Indexation based on Follower Count

Obviously there is an advantage towards indexing content tweeted by people with larger follower counts:

As of June 2015.  Users with 1 million plus followers are seeing the most  indexation from 30% up to 50%. If you have fall under 10,000 followers you have (0.22%) or 1/5th of 1 percent that your Tweets would be indexed. (So keep building) Those with 10,000 to 100,000 followers have a 2% shot.

The next slot 100,000 to 500,000 currently at a 5% indexation rate and those from a half million to a million followers (under a 10% indexation rate).

Twitter Indexation by Social Authority

Google is looking at more than just follower count to pick out what tweets they want to index.

Overall I prefer to use Social Authority as gauge for indexation. Check your social authority at Followerwonk.

Social Authority helps you find, optimize, and engage your Twitter audience. It’s a 1 to 100 point scale that measures a user’s influential content on Twitter.I t includes engagement level with a person’s tweets and finds influential tweets

Based on the data higher authority Twitter accounts much more likely to have tweets indexed by Google.

Now that we know what Google looks for when indexing tweets you can start building a target audience based on social authority and not just follower count.

Google Social Search

Now the question is have any of your tweets been indexed in a meaningful way? If you like looking for a needle in a haystack you could always view your twitter analytics for your most active tweets then search via Google with a few keywords.

I prefer to use Google Social Search that allows you to search for content in real time. You can search for publicly posted info from nearly all social networks.

Using this tool gives you a MASSIVE advantage in many areas and I recommend you start learning all the features.

What Is Google Social Search

Google Social Search is a special service that Google offers that allows you to easily find content created by your friends, family or others in your “social circle.”

Google social search will show where Google Social Search results appear, how to associate content you’ve created or shared with yourself and    who Google counts as part of  your social circle

To use Google Social Search, simply do a search while logged in. Listings from your social circle will appear at the bottom of the search results page, when Google deems them relevant.

Using these methods we have been extremely successful for our clients at iBoom Media.

What is iBoom Media?

iBoom media is a new standard of hard-core social media specialists, a team that was sick and tired of the smoke and mirrors of social media.

We see accounts on every network with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers but NO engagement! Many so called social media firms buy fake followers and even engagement. It may look good to the untrained eye but does nothing for money in your pocket!
That is where iBOOM comes in and blows the competition away.

iBoom is about what’s real:
REAL people, REAL likes, REAL followers, REAL engagement.
In short, real results. What targeted users that are actually interested in your service or products?

Need to target a certain AREA of the country?
How would you like to target your competition’s followers?
How would you like to have sales come to you from your social efforts?
If you answered yes get in touch with us HERE today!

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