What Makes A Good Social Media Post

Everyone knows that social media is very dynamic. It can be a struggle to keep up with all the different social networks. Developing current posts that provoke engagement is something many people have a hard time with. You probably know the feeling of excitement after creating what you think is a perfect post, and then the frustration that comes when nobody likes, comments, or shares it. 
Well don’t worry- those days are over. At iBoom Media our team has lots of experience with making social media posts that work. You can let iBoom handle the tediousness of making your posts. Under the direction of Justin Matthew, a social media pioneer, iBoom Media knows what it takes to make a great Social Media Post. I’ll go through and show you some Instagram examples of what makes a good social media post. These examples are from one of our clients, AddieUP. 

Funny Content Can Make Good Social Media Posts

Let’s face it, everyone likes a laugh. This post in particular got 270 likes. Here’s why:
  • Everyone likes a good fail pic. Makes us feel less stupid.
  • If someone is scrolling through their feed, and you can get them to chuckle, you’ll usually get a “like”.
  • Pictures that point out things, in this case the red circles, usually draw some attention. It makes people stop scrolling through their feed to figure out what is being pointed out.

Company Posts

Usually people follow you for a reason. They have an interest in your company. This is especially true with followers found by iBoom Media. iBoom targets people with specific interests in your company or products. This post generated 73 likes and 42 comments! Reasons for success:

  • Content is about the product. People like the product and want to know more.
  • It has good tags.
  • The text with the post includes info about a deal going on for people to save money.

Current Event Posts

People like to see things about what is going on currently. News posts or posts about current events tend to do pretty well. Here’s why this post got 249 likes:
  • The FIFA World Cup is a huge event. While it is going on, everyone is talking about it.
  • The text with the post is brief and asks a question to provoke engagement.
  • The timing was right. It was during the first week of the World Cup.

Showing Your Company is Involved

Showing your company is involved in the community or current events will usually generate some interest and engagement. This post got 74 likes and 29 comments! Reasons why this post did well:
  • It was about the Kentucky Derby, a current event.
  • The text explained that the company was a part of the event.
  • Being sure to respond promptly to comments usually generates more

Inspirational Posts

Inspirational posts, motivational posts, or anything that can make people say “awwwwe” tend to generate some engagement. This post got 252 likes! Reasons for success:
  • People like things that inspire and motivate. Images with text usually do well for this genre.
  • This post had good tags and the text that went with it included a coupon code.
  • Make sure the inspiration/motivation has to do with your business/product. AddieUP deals with focus and energy, so it related.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few examples in just one of the social networks iBoom Media handles. They handle all the posts, getting followers, responding to questions, and more. If you want to see your business take over the world of social media, let iBoom Media be your tool to do it. iBoom creates and maintains accounts for your business on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few. Let iBoom Media take care of your social media, and your posts can start getting the interaction you need to help your business take off!

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