How TO Stumbleupon Massive Traffic

 How TO Stumbleupon Massive Traffic

Keep this short and sweet and let the photos do the talking.

For 2 years 1 thing has been consistent Google was number 1 for overall traffic to my blog or Google plus. 

Until I decided to actually spend time and put an effort into stumbleupon. As you can see below my traffic increased over 300% for the day.

Now if you think it is as simple as just clicking the social button picking a topic your wrong.

 But I will at least mention it is worth your time to go fool around. That is what I do constantly try new methods and systems. Anyone can hit the social network stumbleupon button this was a little more advanced.

This was a dominating performance by stumbleupon.

So to link your content to stumble upon make an acct and profile.


THE Screen above is what you will see go head and choose YES safe for work. 

Them type in the headline and a brief paragraph on the article and some tags. Then simply pick the category and BAM done.

ALL I will say is I found additional ways to use the scoop it link and it got me 6,000 views today so I am pretty excited as I expect 12,000 today!. GL and  USE STUMBLEUPON!

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