How To Ace Your Social Media Interview.

How To Ace Your Social Media Interview.
Social media has taken over my life I won’t even exaggerate. What is odd about that is my entire life I was out 5 nights a week, gym in the am just always outside. 

Since really getting in deep I may stay home 2 or 3 days and not  leave. I am just letting all you budding social media managers this is your life and you better know what you are doing.
I AM STUNNED when I  take over for  a firm bad run my checks the previous “team” had bought them 120 bucks of fake followers or likes but got paid 5k a month. BLOWS my mind
Now I get hired by companies all over the country Texas, California Massachusetts, Miami, Lake Mary and Utah
Schedule….SCHEDULE!!??  Right no way. You see when you get a client I  immerse myself in EVERYTHING so I feel the ups and the downs.
What I have found is most everyone talks the talk they are a social media expert they have 23 ideas at all times they have already DONE what I am telling them etc. In fact about 3 years ago I was phoned by a guy at the same time another guy was also called.  Now 3 years ago I had no FB twitter etc Nothing. Anyway they asked me for a KLOUT score I didn’t have a clue what that meant. The other guy had 48 and that was tat.
SO I made it my mission daily to learn everything about klout, kred and online influence. In doing so I win every award ins social media that you could ever want.
So as I said Many people talk the talk, but very few walk the walk. So I put this together because after having over 17 companies as clients they come up. This will put the  fast-talking people who know enough buzzwords to convince you to hire them as “social media experts.” I was even tricked once and had a team member who did nothing but TALK TALK TALK never backed up a thing just full of it
Here some questions tat come up when looking to get into social media

I kid you not I have been asked to so my blog drafts.

You never want to look at published samples; but be ready to just have a backup. While.While there may not be writing samples of social media posts, anyone applying for the job should have articles or relevant memorandum to share.

What are some examples of how you have worked to sell your ideas.

For me a have a paper trail mile long of interviews and accolades so no problem for me.They ask this because if you have no accomplishments why would you get the ant>Social media is a collaborative marketing and communications function. How have you done it
Critical here are superior listening skills (as opposed to fast-talking skills). 

 They will want to know your social skills 

How did you accomplish this or that. How did you work with the press and get one of your clients products in TV etc etc

What’s your client service experience?

Managing social media requires a good sense of how to do client service and customer service correctly. In my case I started Monopolize Social media and Own Social Media 14 months ago.

I have already built long term relationships with the largest spring break provider. the largest craft beer festival and home brewing competition in the world with Beer bacon music. Work with an electron cigarettes company 7’s for 18 months a few before I started my company. 

I work with top dietary supplement companies in the US products are sold in GNC add clothing companies and even hats,

These are basic knowledge for anyone laying claim to a social media skill set. If you, the hiring manager, need the answers, contact me. If you’re a job candidate and can’t answer them: You’re not ready to take a paid job in social media.

How would you deal with this situation?

 They may provide you with 2 or 3 examples on one or more social media challenges that need to be dealt with (or have been previously dealt with). 
These challenges should relate to your social media goals. Evaluate the level of sophistication of the response.

They will ask you to tell them what you think about the current situation

They will Share their social media plan and get live feedback. They want to see how you think on your feet

 Do you have experience in advertising?

DIN DING Lucky for me probably more then the guy interviewing me. Now if you don’t have traditional experience in that manner perhaps you set up a event in college and get everyone ready or set up am event etc.

What types of references can you provide, who can address what you have achieved for them?

One again if starting out a but tougher but do whatever t takes to have something. I simply show my LinkedIn profile and over 30 testimonials. Luckily for me I have NEVER had to advertise all word of mouth

 How many hours do you think this requires?

You know the answer to this infinite. You can always be doing something ALWAYS. I work 90 hrs a week all self motivated and if I could work more I would. This takes possibly the biggest commitment for any job that exists. If you don’t think so then you know NOTHING about social Media and i will continue to gain all the clients.

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