Klout, Bing and Search Results

Connect all your social profiles to Bing using Klout.

Using Klout you can integrate search results into your overall score.  Basically it is a way to measure real world influence. This can only help and in case you missed it or have not connected yet do so HERE

Here are a few results when I search myself.

Search is how you are found by other people or possible clients. This feature allows anyone who signs up on Klout to show how they appear in results and social profiles.

Now we can share our awards and important posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, when people search for you. Important images or news on you or your company are more easily seen.

Not a bad image for people to find below of my search results. I would be impressed if I found this on someone else. You never know who may come across your info and lead to business.

I know for me personally I have been a promoter and user of Klout since I began my company and let’s say business is good.

So sign up for Klout then connect your LinkedIn profile and you will be able to set up your BING results. Here are images I found when I did my search each leading to an article or profile. Free PR!!

Then when anyone looks you up on Bing, your info will be displayed next to the search results and will have your social profiles, LinkedIn profile, Klout score even twitter and instagram posts.

Below are my video results I didn’t even know existed in search! Pretty cool! They include any video that had the tag JMHHACKER whether made by me or not.

You can control what is found by editing your public LinkedIn profile. You can also turn off the display of Twitter and Instagram moments on Bing.

So if you haven’t yet set yours up today as it has only helped my business and ALL of my clients gain much more brand awareness.

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