Facebook Is Better Than Google+

You know it amazes me at how quickly people jump on a bandwagon. For example many people in the business of social media or marketing a business/brand online need to be successful or they go out of business.

OH to grab your attention if I have credentials on Google  I hit the top 25 best sellers on Amazon 2 and a half years ago on the subject.

That being said I have accomplished all I ever could want in social media No offense to anyone but I created the 1st circle share and made about 30,000 dollars off 1 fiverr gig called the snowball circle.

This was 2 and a half years ago and I see people just talking about them now doing them every week like clockwork. Now I have also spoken to some of the biggest names in certain areas of social media.

I ask them so since you have made 121 circle shares now what is your plan? I guess the same at circle share number 54???

I saw what Google plus was it’s strong points and benefits as well as weakness. Now I bet most marketers saying Google plus is better then facebook probably are not doing to well at facebook.

You see what Google+ does (once you have reached a certain point) is give the feeling of popularity to people that may not be used to that type of engagement. 

Look then we have SEO plus1’s author rank I don’t need to go into detail. DON’T get me wrong you absolutely need a Google  acct and a business profile and it needs to be built and engaged constantly. 

I don’t know about you but I am online for 1 reason to make money don’t get me wrong that is why I am here. 

So after having incredible success on the internet I now have very large corporate clients to when you get down to it make money for them. Now just to give you my google+ credentials. I hold the world record circle share called the snowballcircle.


 I also rank in the top 200 ALL TIME cream of the crop

Hold the Number 1 ranking for online influence on google+

Finally I rank 595th in the USA for profile rank

Lastly I have the 288th most followed business page in the United States and manage 50 others for clients some much larger then mine.

So Google plus has been great for my blog articles, local business pages, organic SEO, communities people I have met the Google plus review system as I said it is a must have. 

Now as far as which network puts more money in my clients pockets and my pockets by a far margin it is Facebook.

Currently I manage about 50 FB pages some clients others I made. Over time and investing a budget every week on each page I built up a sizable audience of consumers.

 For example on 1 page called Offers I promoted it daily for 5 dollars targeting travel, tourism, technology, nicotine, beer, music, clothing, advertising, deals, savings etc. 

The page now has over 6200 fans of which the first 500 I promote daily to get jump started.

Here are my pages below


Facebook Offers Page

I have always been very open with what I do on social media showing my stats earning etc I think that is why perhaps I did so well.

Keep in mind I manage corporate clients most the time this is just 1 of 500 tasks it is not a focus or built daily if I have time I try to grow them this past week insights were good. Keep in mind I have 49 other pages just like this one.

So on my Google plus pages which you saw above or communities or business pages lets say I wanted to sell a product today and tmrw and the next day infact I wanted to sell 10 to 20 products a day everyday at least 100 bucks each just from Google plus with 1 post.

How would you do? I did ok but certainly not the desired result but as I said there are other reasons for gplus

 You see the key is then I share the post with my other 49 pages where it then takes off I have had some hit 400k reach without spending a penny. 

Either way they say reach is going down on FB only if you don;t adapt and evolve like you always should. See below where I shared the same post.

 Offers page a nice one here huh pretty good conversion rate of 38% 

I will take that over 3 days on this post.

As you can see since I started this and numbers across the board skyrocketed. OH and I mean HUGE!

Did somebody say over 230 claims on this offer??!! I also love the fact the consumer gets emails reminding them about the offer if they don’t buy on the spot. I have seen 6 orders come in 1 day then 45 the next BAM thx fb for that reminder!

 My system applies to any product any industry that is why I have been so successful with my clients. 
Here we have already 136 people going to the event keep in mind the FB page is brand new so having those other 49 came in handy while we grow!

 Oh and for those of you that go oh he is just posting offers on FB wow that’s tough… 

I also post them to instagram http://instagram.com/facebookoffers you never know where that extra customer will come from.

Here we go I posted this on one of my pages Targeted Traffic then shared it around the block and back and BAM 81 claims which I later confirm how many convert 40% or so FANTASTIC right!

 With beautiful ladies like these here you simply have to post it in more then 1 spot!

 OH phew I did I pinned it to my board of 20,000 followers with the exact link taking people to the offer post made on FB


Notice the 38 shares hmmm someone was busy getting that post out there



Starting to get the idea??? Very powerful stuff. Let’s see I have included instagram, pinterest

OH I GOT IT GOOGLE+!!  So now I can pin to 20,0000 the exact link or use Google plus anyway as the page is pushing 9,000 followers in its own right. So all the things we ll love about gplus I still get that perk to!

 Let’s see method working? A picture speaks all the proof I will ever need.

 Oh how I love to sell spring break packages to South Padre Island and boy did I ever. As I explained with the 50 Facebook pages all targeted followers the pinterest boards and instagram accounts of course twitter as well this is a system my friends that hands down defeats Google plus from a sales and ROI standpoint. 

That is why I get hired to make my clients brand known to the right people and to get them to buy. I was one for never following anyone else’s system and never will.

Anyone that calls themselves an expert on the internet your no expert I would take that out of your title right now I have seen many experts come and do say this say that the fact is in social media you never stop learning building experimenting the day you do is the day you should walk away.

 As you can see with  lot of work ad I do mean a lot of work you can become very successful online doesn’t matter what it is I was on Fiverr for a year and was getting 300 orders a day then advanced into other areas and I will continue to work study experiment every day and I will out work and push myself everyday to explore this crazy world of social media.

So which network do you have better direct sales conversions on?

Justin Matthew
Monopolize Social Media
Own Social Media

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