The Great Business Project Podcast With Justin Matthew

Episode 002 : The Vacation Show + Justin Matthew: Social Media Expert   Interview here


Interview here

41 minutes

This episode of The Great Business Project Podcast was recorded on location from my family vacation in Siesta Key, Florida.  My office and studio for the week has been a beachfront villa where I’ve had the chance to relax and reflect, together with my family. 

 I actually recorded the show while sitting on the beach! 😉 Here is what’s featured in this episode: Why vacation?  I say we start having “Lifecations”! An update on what’s next for The Great Business Project Magazine and our amazing achievement thanks to YOU! 

An exercise for an unlimited supply of creativity.  (This is the very thing I do every single morning that helps me stay creative) I introduce the concept of using infoproducts to add to your revenue stream. AWESOME resource for entrepreneurs – 

Interview here

AppSumo A can’t miss interview with Justin Matthew, social media expert and game changer.  In just 6 months, Justin went from not knowing what Facebook and Twitter was to having a massive amount of influence, tens of thousands of followers and an impressive business, all from social media.  You’ll want to take notes on this one… Bonus tip:  Calls to action Things and links mentioned in this podcast episode: 

The Great Business Project Magazine The Artist’s Way (Book I reference on creativity) AppSumo Justin Matthew:  Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | I want to thank you for listening to The Great Business Project Podcast. If you enjoyed listening to the show and found it useful, please take a few minutes to rate the show on iTunes and leave a quick review.  

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Interview here

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