Social Media Resume

                   Social Media Resume

What does your social media BODY OF WORK consist of? What is your social media resume?

You see when people write a book about success or try to sell their trade secrets to you on how you will become rich the first thing anyone credible looks at is that persons own accomplishments.

Guess what if you don’t have an elite collection of evidence GOOD LUCK.

This is but the smallest example of what I am talking about this is a small flickr group I made showing some of that body of work I am talking about.

Now let’s say I put out a course on online success or a book take your pick and someone else does the same thing. Once viewing those individuals prior and current successes who do you think they will go with?

UDEMY Profile


KRED Influencer

Never be gun shy about self promotion!

Youtube Interview

Viral Fiverr Interview

Top Entrpreneur Interview

Corporation Start Up

Front Page San Jose Mercury Times

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