Why Choose Inertia Tours for your South Padre Spring Break Trip?

Why Choose Inertia Tours for your South Padre Spring Break Trip?

1. We are based in Texas, and our travel promotions are in fact sponsored by the South Padre Island Visitors and Convention Bureau

2. Guaranteed good time for you and all your friends

3. Free ta Eat Diner Program
Inertia Tours includes 14 restaurant meals at decent, sit down restaurants with its South Padre spring break vacations with early sign ups  no fast food, and always with 3-5 separate meal choices.

4. Condos  book Saida, Inverness, or Galleon  STAY there, guaranteed

5.Best On-Site Parties with MTV Network Celebrity Appearances
Our Red Carpet VIP Package is really one of the best reasons to book with us, and
We back up that — we have the biggest parties

6. Over 12 years continuous spring break experience

7. Inertia Tours is the only tour company that maintains a public office
During spring break in South Padre, giving you additional peace of mind

8. Accreditation’s
As is the norm among reliable Tour Companies, Inertia Tours is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, as well as the ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents. Locally, we are members of the South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce, and our trip is backed by the local Tourism Bureau

9. We specialize in South Padre Island travel. Rather than be a travel warehouse we specialize in both South Padre AND student travel  the perfect mix

10. Inertia only utilizes scheduled airlines for air inclusive vacations  Continental, American, & Southwest. All air inclusive trips include RT airport shuttle service

If you have any questions, please call us toll free 800 821 2176 or email us back for Texas-friendly advice anytime  were here to help

More Info Here 

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