Promoted Pins On Pinterest

                Promoted Pins On Pinterest

 Pinterest has started to include the use of promoted pins.

Promoted pins will look more or less the same in fact you might not even realize you are looking at one. There will be a small “Promoted Pin”  at the bottom,under the photo and description.

No news I could find on how long the free promoted pins testing  will last, I know they will have this running in time for the holidays for obvious reasons.

The promoted pins will appear first in search results and category feeds, on both the web and in mobile apps giving a HUGE advantage to those who use the feature.

 As you already know, early adopters always make the most money when the new features come.

These promoted pins will work in a fashion similar to Facebook’s promoted posts with one big glaring difference that I can see….. 


Most users or at least a lot on Pinterest are BUYERS!! What do you think of this new feature? Will you use it for your company or clients?

Justin Matthew
Monopolize Social Media

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