How To Double Your Instagram Traffic


                   How To Double Your Instagram Traffic

(UPDATE upon posting this the embedded instagram video has had an increase of 25%)
Justin Matthew

(Using these methods every post will result in more traffic it is that simple. Be sure to post in relevant communities so the right audience can see it. For example I will post this article on the companies other networks.)

If you have been reading my last few blog posts you have seen I have been embedding posts from other networks into my blog articles. WHY? To create more awareness on the networks that aren’t getting the love they deserve! 


Well after my last few articles I can say with fact on the posts embedded I saw a 189 percent increase in interaction. I did this by using my stronger networks to showcase the smaller ones.

After I share this blog post on gplus, tumblr, pinterest, Facebook you name it I have no doubt we will see a bump up in interaction. WHY? Because thousands of more people will see it!

Also depending on the post I am embedding I will post in relevant communities etc etc

HERE IS THE RESULT! OH guess what it stays forever for anyone to find later. The gift that keeps on giving. Social Media is all about leveraging other networks and tactics.



7 thoughts on “How To Double Your Instagram Traffic

  1. Hi Justin,

    This seems to be a very interesting idea, this will make you do a cross promotion for your blog post and your social media account on the same time. I will try it out.


  2. I think embedding works rather well, at least in my experience. Using bigger social media platforms to write about smaller ones is a good way to spread the word and gain exposure.


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