How to convert social media into sales.

                                  How To Convert Social Media into Sales.

Justin Matthew

Well based on my last article I did another. It feels good to write again. I will do more on other networks with evidence and results perhaps every week. It seems as if many people I 
talk to have an issue of showing direct sales from social.

My problem is trying to keep up.

Look I have been in this social media game a short period of time. 18 months. In that time I went from viral fiverr super seller (over 300 orders a week) to managing a social media firm that is growing by the second. HOW?  Luck?  Hard work?  Well luck has nothing to do with it.

I found out quickly as I found myself reading social media articles from experts that I was already well advanced past what they were recommending. I  even hired a firm for 3 grand because they put up a good front. The results were what I was doing on my own in a week.

So I came to the conclusion after selling 16,000 gigs on one fiverr account and 5,000 on another that I actually had a skill you can’t teach it was just there. Now did I put in 15 to 18hrs a day for the last 18 months? Yes.

I have so many systems, networks, tools, apps I could not begin to tell you. Oh and believe me for those of you that think this is easy you wouldn’t last 1 day no offense. 

From Brand Yourself to Aboutme Viral tag to statigram. Tweet adder to Tweepi Circlecount to circleshares. 

Tumblr, Pinterest, Blog, Facebook, Gplus, Gplus business, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Communiteies, Reddit, Stumbleupon.

 That is just a small piece of the machine. Empire Avenue any automation tools watermarking applications all just pieces to the system.

The point is everyone has a method everyone has a system that is THE BEST! What I see is a bunch of people that have no idea what they are doing. Or who is to say who is wrong or who is right? 

I personally like to show results not hypothetical situations . Why say that? Well because I can Google social media methods or Gplus for business (just examples) and I will get 50 articles on the subject all from “experts” that contradict each other.

So I decided to go my own way about 2 months into this business. Did it work? Well if working for yourself and founding a company in social media is success then yes it did.

What makes the difference? Perhaps it is the extra time I take personally to respond to a question on an instagram photo. Maybe that one extra tweet of an example the possible customer asked for. Or the extra effort I put in to everything I do. WHO KNOWS!? I do know 1 thing every network on social media can be a MASSIVE weapon for you your your client.

Some better then others. Did you know on instagram (just a small example) for the industry of electronic cigarettes to build a targeted audience you look up photos by hash tag and like or engage them. Well What hash tag comes to mind first for you? e cigarettes? ecigs?

Well yes sure they have photo but what if I said vapelife or vapeporn had 8 times as many!

So what may seem obvious never is. Targeted those terms alone has resulted in multiple orders and attention for the product.

Now using gplus as I said have been from the start but people are paying attention now. Anyone can post a stunning photo and have it do well. I can post a photo at will and hit the what’s hot page that is no skill.

The real test of skill is what if your client sells carpet? Or tables? Maybe hair dye? How well will that post do? Ya you guessed it flat line.

That is of course unless you target those users on gplus specifically. How? Look up any relevant communities and join them then add them to your circles 1 by 1 if need be then search for circle shares on that topic. 

Slowly adding them all to your network. Or search in gplus for a keyword that fits the product. Like I said if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Last night I spent 5 hours targeting and adding relevant followers 1 by 1 but when I was done we had 222 new targeted followers.

Anyway target your audience post relevant images of the clients products this done daily really adds up BIGTIME some may get 4,000 views others 80,000 and maybe just maybe you hit the 500,000 once again not talking about posting a Quote or STUNNING image in China. 

I am talking about for a product or service and from that companies page! What I love about gplus is the traffic is there for all to see and the ripples you either get it or you don’t.

The photos you have seen are ALL direct purchases from those posts or tweets and just a few.

 Engagement you say? Social media? How about over 100 buying questions a day and a 80 percent close ratio. Small example below.

 SO gplus can’t get traffic huh? Your social media guy told you don’t worry about gplus it is a waste of time? Well fire him we average 21,000 views per post. Oh what is the CTR? I tracked it with google url shortner 17percent average.

 SO…Social Media it has no SEO value. Is that right?
 Number 1 you get organic search results for all 
the networks set up like instagram, twitter, pinterest, tumblr,
rebelmouse, facebook, linkedin, blogger, flickr, youtube must I
go on? 

e liquids (photo above) over 40 million results and what many consider
the most coveted term in this business 7’s ranks 4th 
1st page yes that is right.
HOW? I could tell you but then I would have to charge you

 A small article I wrote 10 days ago type in Viral traffic using gplus

                                                   43 buying question 26,000 views

OK almost 26,000

 2 YouTube videos with the power of Google plus connecting youtube comments to name 1 this video off 1 good share received 8,000 views.

 Oh what do I know I am just a guy playing with social media. 
I am not an award winning expert or anything…actually I forget yes I am! This post received 11,000

If you are serious and want to have a massive online presence and more importantly actually have massive sales coming in every day from new customers contact us.

We do it all every network any industry. If you are wishy washy about it don’t bother. I will tell you this if you don’t have a social media marketing plan right now your dead meat. More importantly a team that knows what they are doing. Are you getting 25,000 views per post for your product?

My Social Media Firm

4 thoughts on “How to convert social media into sales.

  1. 18 hour days are rough, but if you have something to show for it in the end, they are well worth it. How did you come to choose e-cigs? I know that they are becoming more and more popular, but you must have a second sight or a gift as you jumped in and made it work for you. 🙂


  2. Your blog is really nice and information is awesome i am really impress your blog. This is a new topic for me “How To Convert Social Media into Sales”. Thanks Justin Matthew for sharing this blog it is very useful blog for me.


  3. Congrats on your success and I agree that luck has nothing to do with it. Hard work and dedication, those who are lazy to put in the work get the results they deserve.


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