7’s Electronic Cigarette Review

            7’s Electronic Cigarette Review

Look I smoked 2 packs a day for 12 years then I tried an ecig. 
Yes it was from 7’s I never took another puff again.

7″S is a global leader in the electronic cigarette industry. 

I had always heard about electronic cigarettes but always thought it was a gimmick or to complicated honestly I thought it was a joke. Now when I received the opportunity to work with the company well that changed things. I realized on my 2nd trip to Dallas that it wasn’t wise to be taking smoke breaks at an e-cig facility…

So finally they set me up and I gave it a go. I was astounded. What I love about 7’s e-cigarettes is how they have so many different options available for everyone out there. Now I didn’t know all the terms and jargon and that intimated me at first and I think held me back from trying so long. JUST GET OVER IT and try it it will change your life.

Get the hybrid kit. TRUST ME. 

When you buy this kit you are getting two types of electronic cigarettes for the price of one.  
                                                Check out more info here

Here is what the kit came with

The kit comes with two 15ML’s of what ever flavor that you choose. 

They also send you two pre-filled bottles to show you how much each one holds first.

I hope this helps someone like it helped me. No need to smoke those old cigarettes times have evolved.

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