Make Money From Electronic Cigarettes


              Make Money From  Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes have changed the tobacco industry forever and everyone wants in. Well you can do just that by becoming an affiliate of one of these companies.

One Of Many Products

There are many to choose from Google and find over 100 brands it seems. Well for me I just went with quality, innovation and reputation 7’S electronic cigarettes.

Many of you that know me see my tweets or articles even on this blog a 7’S promotion and I am very proud of it. 

It is a fantastic alternative to traditional cigarettes and enables me to control my own business. It is up to me how much I want to make or not make that simple. I hold the power of my earning capability

Well lets say 5 months in I am doing better then ever utilizing Pinterest, Twitter, Blog articles you name it I am on it. 

So for those of you wondering how to get into a booming industry and control your own destiny I am telling you how. I have already helped many and hope to help more.


Keep in mind this is for 7’S ecigarettes my personal choice

How much do I get paid?

As an affiliate, you will be paid a base commission amount of 30% and have the ability to be raised up depending upon the amount of sales you generate and our placement on your website.

When do I get paid?

The payout date is the 20th of every month for commissions earned from the previous month.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid according to your payment preference in your account.

Do you have professional promotional banners and other materials?

Yes, we have many different banners to choose from.

Can I get a custom graphic made if you don’t have the size I need?

Yes, if you need a specific ad size, please contact us and let us know what you need.


Can I get a custom discount coupon code?

Yes, they are available upon request. Please contact us and we will review your request then will issue a coupon.

Be sure to check out the official 7’S affiliate website for more information but this gives you the general idea the rest is up to you.

Do I have to pay to become an affiliate for Choice 7’s?

Nope! Having to pay us to promote our products would be kind of silly, wouldn’t it?

What if I don’t reside in the United States? Am I still eligible?

Sure! We prefer to work with affiliates residing in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but if your country isn’t one of those 3, we’re still open minded. Please keep in mind, however, that we request that all affiliates keep with the law in their jurisdiction as it pertains to advertising our products

Who do I talk to if I need help with my account?

If you need help with your account regarding promotional methods, commissions, and most other considerations (excluding graphics), you can contact

Start earning today! Sign-up for our Affiliate Program for FREE

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