It’s not easy being right.

It’s not easy being right.
The talent behind the writing at MSM

Daniel J Stock
Satirist, Humorist, Savior
© 2012-13 by Daniel Stock
(Posted 1/6/2013)
You might be one email away from having to make new friends. See if you qualify.
(Posted 1/1/2013)
Not sure if you’re an asshole? Your gym attire may reveal the answer.
(Posted 12/31/2012)
Good news. Teachin’ yo friendz grammer be 1 click away, dawg.
(Posted 12/28/2012)
Drivers Ed can suck it. Master the asphalt in under 5 minutes. This is not a scam.
(Posted 12/22/2012)
If you’re thinking about hitting the gym this New Year, don’t.
(Posted 12/15/2012)
Hate your kids? How about ruining their Christmas with shitty gifts?
(Posted 1/27/2013)
Sick of the relationship headaches? Well, I’m sick of hearing about it.
(Posted 1/21/2013)
Say good-bye to kissing ass for money. All you need is a nice rack.

(Posted 2/6/2013)
Let this be the plea that ends all pleas and brings “1 Million Likes” to an end.

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(Posted 3/9/2013)
If you’re looking for politics that everyone can agree on, look no further.
(Posted 3/24/2013)
Airline carry-ons are about to get a whole lot sweeter. Thank you, TSA!
(Posted 4/14/2013)
Protect yourself from lawsuit abuse by jumping off a cliff. Best of 2012.
(Posted 4/25/2013)
TLC finds that learning is overrated. What we really need is more reality shows.

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