Google+ Login Rate on the Rise According to First Quarter Trends

                      Google+ Login Rate on the Rise According to First Quarter Trends


Remember when Google+ first launched? Maybe you don’t. For most people the launch temporarily reaffirmed that Facebook was still king of the mountain. With the exception of video chat, Google’s new social network failed to offer anything unique or enticing enough to lure people away from other networks. My, how times have changed.
 After a rocky debut, Google+ has officially surpassed Twitter to become the second most popular social network, but how does it stack up against Facebook? As of Q4 2012, Google+ boasted an impressive total of 343 million active users (a 27% increase from the previous year). Although Facebook maintains an impressive lead with their estimated 693 million active users, Google’s platform is quickly gaining ground.
Those are interesting numbers, but the future only looks brighter for Google. Social logins are quickly becoming an area of interest, and why shouldn’t they be? They tell you where the people are going! Take a look at the Q1 2013 results recently released by Social Login provider, Janrain:

     As it stands now, Facebook currently accounts for 46% of all social logins, while Google’s share is hovering around 34%. Facebook had a 3% drop from Q4 2012, but guess where it went? That’s right. It went to Google+. This is the second consecutive quarter that Google’s social network has closed the gap on Facebook, and the inverse relationship is no coincidence. So how does a network that struggled so early on appear to be on the verge of exploding after less than 2 years? Because they’ve given us some incentive to sign up!


Seamless Integration
If there’s one area where Google has a distinct advantage, it’s the integration of Google+ into their other products: Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Android devices and a host of other services that we use on a daily basis.

SEO Benefits
Sharing good content with your Google+ circles is a great way to increase engagement and boost your rankings in searches. Google dominates the search world, so by rewarding their loyal users, they’re actively encouraging others to join.

This is Google’s video chat alternative to Skype. It’s free, easy to use, and built right in.

Authorship Rank
Author rank links your Google+ profile to the original content on your website. Not only do you get a nice lift in rankings, but your picture will even show up next to your search results in Google. This increases click through rates and provides you with some additional credibility as an author.


The Google Reputation
The rapid growth of Google+ was no accident. As a company, Google has the foresight and the marketing muscle to make anything work. Skeptics were abundant when Android first launched its attack on the mighty iPhone, but look where they are today?

Whether you’re a day-to-day consumer or a business, there’s incentive for everyone to join Google Plus. Give it a try!

Written by Daniel Stock of Monopolize Social Media
Daniel is a published humorist on Amazon and a great talent
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