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No smoke. What’s with The Burn? Ecigarettes


We should all welcome electronic cigarettes. Smoking traditional cigarettes is the most dangerous choice in the world. More than 5m people die every year.Oh by the way that is 10 percent. People smoke because they crave the nicotine more so then the damage it is doing.

Check out some of the great products below. 


Then BAM we get the electronic cigarette that separates the tar, carbon monoxide and smoke from the nicotine. It uses electricity from a small battery to vaporize into something that the user can breathe it in.

 Guess what second smoke GONE.  
No wonder the e-cigarette market is growing. It doubled in the USA in 2012 and will again this year or more!.

SO why would anyone care? They even went as far as to compare it to a gateway to real cigs!!. 

Some health lobbyists are just dead set against anything resembling smoking that they refuse to get behind a product that would NO DOUBT keep more people healthy. That is sad.


This is wrong. Those charged with improving public health should be promoting e-cigarettes. Look have regulation as nicotine is an addictive drug. . Some researchers said nicotine in the right delivery system is as dangerous as caffeine.

We need to educate and normalize e-smoking. Those who simply need their nicotine can have it and at the same time it will not bother others. What’s the issue!

Justin Maatthew

One thought on “No smoke. What’s with The Burn? Ecigarettes

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