Showcasing a client of my company


                        Have to show this off a bit

Let’s just say it leads to sales hence been hired 5 months 🙂

 I am doing this just to showcase one client of mine at as I see and know about many so called social media experts or companies charging 5 times what I do for maybe 2 percent of what we are accomplishing. 

We have many clients all businesses and networks. Each is different.

Before you dismiss this look below at the evidence then when your company is ready contact us I am the owner

 So I will start here over 11,000 followers on Pinterest for a specific niche and Pinterest started 5 weeks ago just watch in 5 more!  

In fact go to Pinterest and put ecigs in the search area. Look who dominates.

69 likes 27 shares 41 comments

Raised KLOUT from 30 to 71

This brings me to twitter started at 2,000 in Dec now at 14,000 just in the last 30 days about 3,000 gained

We now average 38 this one has 60 likes 17 shares and 14 comments per post of which 2 are made daily.

Number 1 ranked on gplus

Tweets today for hashtag #electronic cigarette the toughest in the family of terms etc ecig ecigarette etc Hit number 1 and 2

 Lets not forget promotions. This tweet was retweeted 32 times with 18 favs and 6 comments. It also held the top tweet position for 3 days for the tags ecig ecigs ecigarette eliquids and vaping.

 Now this is just 1 example of 1 client I do this for many in every industry and every hash tag.
Contact us at

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