Pinterest dumps fake accounts

Pinterest dumps fake accounts

Glad to see my account gaining today 🙂

Pinterest nudged its users to report  hateful, violent, and spammy undesirable pins, they also had a team focus on hunting down spammy accounts. On Thursday, those accounts were removed forever.

I saw a post on the Pinterest blog that said the spam team is investigating reports and building systems that detect, and prevent spam.

Yesterday being Thursday they deleted millions of accounts and know what to look for now.

They say it is for the integrity of Pinterest and to helps make sure that followers are real people 

Do not be alarmed if as a result of the cut down , you may see that your follower count lowers. Personally I lost 50 out of 9100 followers.

Pinterest just wants you to report pins (and people) you think violate  guidelines. I have a feeling they will have both hands full. Oh and who is going to start on twitter?

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest dumps fake accounts

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