Video Evidence Of 12,000 per month Online

     Becoming Wealthy Online 145k a year

   Video Evidence of 12k per month

HI ALL!! Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

I just felt compelled to let the world know that IT IS POSSIBLE to support yourself or your kids even whole family…ONLINE!!    My Fiverr Home Page
                  WATCH VIDEO HERE

Now look you are probably saying oh he makes 12,000 in 30 days he has been doing it forever…WRONG 7 months!!!

That is why I added the video so YOU CAN SEE not just read about someone saying this or that.
My Fiverr Home Page

I believe in walking the walk and talking the talk and I do talk!

Confidence to me goes hand in hand with personal success.


LOOK honestly I don’t care if you know what I make off just ONE of my revenue streams as I have 8 but I am saying if times are tough and I found a way to pull in 45k my first 7 months and now 12 k a month YOU OWE IT to yourself to try it.

GO CHECK it out and copy me I don’t mind it is
My Fiverr Home Page
WATCH THE VIDEO a cell phone video can’t lie HA.

Another Gplus Page Top Selling Fiverr Gigs

Now about 10 times a week I have phone appointments with current sellers or people that want to sell it is 100 USD for 1 hour for basic or advanced training if you want to learn tactics from one of the TOP SELLERS set up an appointment right here!


11 thoughts on “Video Evidence Of 12,000 per month Online

  1. Confidence to me goes hand in hand with personal success looks cool as a statement ..

    And I have checked your profiles and such. You are able to earn cool coz you have great online presence which was obtained from experience of managing a youtube channel for about two years.

    So should you not say, you got all of this from your hardwork in the two years seven months??

    Just a thought … anyway, congrats on the figure. Hope you prosper


  2. Wow jmh, you just blew my mind. I'm a Fiverr seller as well and I make ok money, but nothing like that!! I knew that some people made big money, but it's so encouraging to see in a video that someone is making that kind of money! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. All of that in only 7 months? I've been with fiverr for just a few months but I've made less than $100. You are King of Fiverr making that much cash in such a short time! Is your offer to teach others available as a WSO at a cheaper rate?


  4. 12 thousand a month is so much more than I make at my day job! Seriously, how could anyone even suspect that you could make that off of five dollar jobs? I had no clue until I started reading your blog. It seems like a great way to get started making money online.


  5. So so so much money from gigs. It's too bad Fiverr takes a dollar out of each gig and then PayPal takes their cut… for my $5 gigs I only get like $3.75 out of each of them, and the cut Fiverr takes doesn't seem to go down either as you raise the ranks as a seller. Money is money though, especially if you can do your gigs relatively fast and with ease… I think that's the real key, is finding something you can almost automate but do yourself.


  6. I've read articles about people making thousands on Fiverr and it looks like you're one of them. It looks like a good business and I really haven't seen any negative reviews about Fiverr online that deserve any warrant. Thanks for showing us your video. It gives me some encouragement to know that if I work hard and have a little luck, I can actually make some money there 🙂


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