DO You Need A Google Plus Business Page?

                  Do You Need A Google Plus Business Page?

Everybody’s been arguing over the value of Google Plus. 

Many say I don’t use that and others LIKE ME SAY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR???. 

Really GPLUS BIZ pages are an attack on FB pages.

 I have been creating business and topic pages where I can share information that I used to share with followers

                                                     More Specific

  • I created a page where I share the services I offer on Fiverr and it has now become the top ranking page when you type fiverr in on gplus so for the most part I share fiverr related services on that page!

  • Also because my personal gplus page is so powerful ranked 519 in the USA I create multiple pages for clients and companies and within no time they have acquired 1000 2000 even 3000 plus 1’s to the page which brings more traffic

  • When on the internet you search where? Google As a company you want to rank where. First page of Google must I go on!

  • I didn’t waste any time creating a page, and neither did most of the regular users of Google Plus. How could we resist?

  • As for me, I’ll be sharing as Fiverr Top Selling Gigs Fiverr Gigs My7s EU Google Klout Exchange and many more starting  a course with a series of tutorials to show you how to make use of these new pages and the financial reward it has brought me.

As many cool new features as there are with the new Google+ pages there are an equal number of questions popping up from my clients. 

How do I create a page?

How do I find my pages again after I build them?
See that arrow next to your avatar? It’s a drop down list of all the pages you own. Select one and you are now using Google plus as your page. Personally I have 10 no limit as far as I believe.

Can I make someone else an admin of my page?YES simply insert the email in the manager slot

Share content between myself and my page?
 Create a circle called “Me” or something creative. Add only yourself and your pages to this circle. Now you can simply share your information between your pages and yourself by sharing only with that “Me” circle.

Connect my pages with my web site?
You can grab the G+ Widget from the right side of the page when you create your page or create your own with your Gplus avatar and a link to your new page. 

Once you leave this page, just click “Get Started” under your avatar and you’ll find a place to create a custom badge for your website as well as some good advice from Google about making the most of your page.

Oh by the way I put together a very nice list of public shared circles if you are on the warpath I am currently number 1372!!

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