ECIG Starter Kit A Game Changer

My7’s E Cigarettes Launched the Best Starter Kit Ever Check it out My7s


After months of research The My7’s hybrid kit is going to be a game changer

 New patent pending technology has changed the face of tobacco, the owner of My7’s e cigarettes released a new kit that has technology that will blow you away. Enhanced vapor production with up to 3.5 times that of its traditional standard counterpart e cigarette system.

Their new “power smart” technology in the eGO e cigarette protects the 650 mAh batteries from over-charging.
The batteries are set to produce over 1,000 puffs without a recharge. Click here My7s
“This starter kit is far superior to anything we know of out there for smokers,” said Kyle Newton, President of My7’ said. 
A much smarter alternative to tobacco.
The new technology also offers USB  which gives the user options of standard or USB charging, making it easy for anyone to use and charge. My7s
The kit also comes with a cone adapter that makes the standard My7’s cartomizers, saving money on refills because of the cross compatibility of refilling with bulk e liquid or refillable cartomizers.
 GO visit their website at

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