Up and Coming Youtubers

These days there are so many videos uploaded to youtube you can’t find the gems.

Here are 3 I believe are going to the top.

Be sure to check out their channels as I will include a link.

We have

Dominic White – Sketch Comedy

Go To His Channel!

Another wild and crazy kid Mr. Funnymenow
CRAZY VIDEOS no really they are INSANE!!
Funnymenow Youtube Link

We also have a YouTuber named Scott Kinmartin on channel ScottKinmartinTV. 
He has been featured on Ray William Johnson’s channel for a clip he did. 
Watch it here the first 1 minute of the video it is hilarious!
You can catch Scott on CHECK OUT ScottkinmartinTV

Those are 3 channels that when I need a laugh always deliver!!
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