Need Your Opinion PLEASE

OK everyone reading this I value your opinion. Lets say you were an innovator always the first to do something no one has done before in a certain area. Lets say you for FREE taught many people how to do this out of the kindness of your heart. Keep in mind you studied for 14 months then taught people in 1 month how to do this skill.

Lets say you found a way to make some money off this skill. Then 3 weeks later one of the people you taught these methods to sold more or less the exact same skill with the same keywords on the same website using the skills you taught.

Then lets say YOU are the one that found this out…He or She did not tell you you stumbled upon it yourself and saw more or less what you spent 14 months mastering was in the same sector the same site and you shared your knowledge to help get this person there. How would you feel. KEEP IN MIND YOU FOUND OUT ON YOUR OWN… Thx Justin

13 thoughts on “Need Your Opinion PLEASE

  1. I would say most people know the deal when it comes to information or they wouldn't place a value on it. If the info is copied or based on idea that is the same and it's being used to look like their own or to make profit on that idea, yet the person that had the idea was not informed and at least sharing in compensation from the idea then I would say that's more than wrong! I feel if credit is given and you value friendships you should also value the person's worth to you over your own gain. Money comes and goes, but friends, true friends can never be replaced!


  2. No doubt people know you have an integral and sole ability to master social media, you are a true professional Justin and a great friend. I know your position, data, and your great ideas will shine over all and leave a social media legacy like non-other! Thanks bro! @JMHHACKER +JUSTINMATTHEW @JUSTINMATTHEW


  3. That is what we in academic circles call Plagiarism. Plagiarism is theft, and taking someone's idea and pawning the stuff off as your own is not only wrong, it is unprofessional! I really am still too pissed to finish this, but know this.. I value the social media advice and most importantly the FRIENDSHIP that has developed over the past few months. Like Daze says,”Money comes and goes, but friends, true friends can never be replaced!” xoxo – Jules


  4. On one hand, you should copyright the system and charge for it to prevent that sort of behavior. On the other hand, that ruins the very sense of trust and fair play that organically develops in a tight community. I say verbally let them know what a betrayal you feel that is, then let them reap the karma on their own.


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