The Secret To Klout with Evidence

OK so you want klout. High score, Be number 1 in any topic. Be the king of achievements? Be plastered all over the internet because of it? Well I have figured it all out… Take a look below.. If you want me to tell you how, that is for another day…Oh the tips I could give would blow your mind and raise your score 10,20,30,40 maybe 50 points, not only that but become the number 1 ranked person in any topic or have more achievements than you know what do to with. If you want to know comment and subscribe.


Justin Matthew

Twitter Break!

Influential about 20 topics

Score Analysis

You generate actions and discussions with nearly every message

90-day Activity


Retweets 7.4K
Mentions 3.6K
Followers 71K
Following 5.9K


Comments 475
Likes 1102
Wall posts received 25


+1s 10K+
Comments 10K+
Reshares 10K+
Values are for public posts only.

In the past month, your True Reach increased by 3K

Your immediate influence network now includes

Your True Reach:

True Reach is the number of people you influence, both within your immediate network and across their extended networks.

In the past month, your Amplification increased by 3 points

You increased your influence on Twitter recently

Your Amplification:

Amplification indicates how much you influence people.

In the past month, your Network Impact increased by 3.51 points

These influencers in your network recently gained influence

Your Network:

Network Impact measures the influence of your network.

3 thoughts on “The Secret To Klout with Evidence

  1. I read all your blogs and tips, because of them my online business tripled in sales. How do you know all this?


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